Same Old Song and Dance

Okay, to be fair the goal was that I would write every day.  The goal was not that I would write at length every day.  Maybe I’m splitting hairs here but I do believe that I have a certain level of entitlement, considering that this is, indeed, my blog.

That being said, let’s just call a spade a spade for tonight.  I never seem to have enough money.  Not in the sense that I never seem to have enough money to own a paid off vehicle, go on lavish vacations, and expand my wardrobe.  I never seem to have enough money in the sense that when I try to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, Paul informs me that Peter foreclosed on his house last week so I shouldn’t expect to get anything out of him.  Of course!

When it comes to money I really don’t think that my expectations are that high.  I’m not saying that I want to make a million dollars every year.  I’m not saying that I want to make $100,000 every year, although that would be nice.  I’m just saying that it would be nice to have $500 of spending money every month.  Bills would be paid, money would be invested, savings account would be loaded and I would still have $500 left over to do with as I see fit.  Is that asking too much?

Perhaps next week I will have an action plan on how to pay down my debt.  Perhaps next week I will win the lottery.  Perhaps next week my boss will tell me that they are so impressed with my performance that they are giving me a $10,000 a year raise.

Most likely though I will probably just bitch that utilities should be run like they are in Monopoly.  I would simply roll the dice and pay 6 times the amount shown. That seems fair to me.  Then I wouldn’t have to choose between gas in my car, food on my table, and air conditioning.

There’s no tidy little wrap up to this one, as you can probably tell that I’m just not feeling it tonight.  Please check back in tomorrow though.

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