Study Sunday? More Like, Anything But Study Sunday

Seriously?  Why am I so bad at this? In high school I was such an amazing student in the beginning.  And then I was a mediocre student in high school at the end.  Either way though, I certainly was not a bad student.  Even when I started university (no one I know actually says university but I think it sounds far more sophisticated than college) I was an “A” and “B” student.  But now, now I simply don’t care anymore.  I have one lousy year left and it is taking absolutely everything in me to make it happen.

In my defense, I’m not actually taking any classes right now.  However, I am supposed to be studying for a Business Finance class so that I can test out of it, thus avoiding the cost of the class and the six weeks that it would take to actually complete said class.  So I do feel like I have a little leeway to not fully be committed to Study Sundays yet.

Today, in an effort to avoid studying I did the following things:

1. Slept, a lot!  Seriously, I slept until noon.  I usually reserve that for my traumatic high school years and when I am nursing a serious hangover.

2. Went grocery shopping, which was part necessity, part avoidance.

3. I played around on Pinterest for probably about two hours.

4. I actually cooked myself dinner; I haven’t done that in a few months.

5. I watched the movie Goon. I will be honest, it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be but I really did enjoy it.  And, who can ever argue with a movie that has Seann William Scott in it?  Not me!

6. Then I ate the delicious dinner that I made.  Again, that was both a matter of necessity and avoidance.

7.  My friend P. showed up so I decided to feed him too.

8.  We watched the movie 21 Jump Street together, which I found to also be funny.

And now?  Well, I could just call it a day and go to bed.  But why stop there?  P.’s already here and I have a bottle of  Blue Diamond Syrah.  Oh…. and I have the movie Vow for us to watch, so that should be a good, depressing way to end the night.  Here we go!

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