Lent 2014 – 3: Errands, Dragons, and a Wolf on Wall Street

It’s not going to be a long post tonight. I had an essay all planned out, I intended to work on it throughout the day, but then I was just so darn productive.  I ran all of my errands, paid all of my bills, made a home cooked meal (albeit in the crockpot), I cleaned out Ninja’s (my bearded dragon) cage and gave him brand new purple sand, and I made some modifications to my in-home gym.  Then, just as I was about to start writing I thought, I’m going to watch The Wolf of Wall Street.  I hit play and, well, three hours later and I am ready to go to bed.  Three hours! 

People always love to talk about how my generation and the ones following me no longer have an attention span due to our constant need for instant gratification.  I disagree though when every movie that comes out these days is at least two and a half hours long.  Seriously, I’m worried that all of our movies are going the direction of Roots and we’ll end up being nothing but a bunch of non-productive, flat butt-ed Americans with serious bladder infections. 

Anyway, the point is that this isn’t what I was going to write about tonight, so I guess that will just have to wait for another day. 

Until tomorrow….

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