Lent 2014 – 8: I Own Banana!

One of the main things I have found about writing is that there are so many opportunities to do it.  Instead of trying to force myself to sit down and write an “essay” every day, I have found ways to be creative in the writing that I have to do anyway.  I try to think of my job and how only one member ever really stands out to me.  His emails have a personal touch and I know that he isn’t simply sending me stuff on autopilot.  When I send emails to people I always try to make them just a tad creative, when it is appropriate, so that they will stand out.  I also try to entertain.  We go through so many emails, phone calls, and communications every day at work.  Why not, instead of getting angry about something that went wrong, send an email with a little bit of fun to address the situation?  I always imagine the person on the other end thinking, “Great, here’s another complaint email that I have to deal with.” And then, BAM! They are hit in the face with something that hopefully makes them laugh.  Sure, these people don’t know me, so they may think that I’m a bit touched in the head, but who cares?!  If I can make one person smile, one person laugh, or make one person’s day just a little bit brighter, then I’m okay with them thinking that I might be a little left of center. 

Tonight I signed up for a membership online.  When I went to use the membership I was rejected because it said that my membership had expired….. in 1969!!!!  Below is the email that I sent to the company:


Right… so, I just signed up for a membership through a Living Social deal. I went through the sign-up process, everything was good, until I went to reserve a ticket to an event and I was told that my membership had expired on 12/31/1969!  While I have been on the hunt for a flux capacitor for many years, I have been unable to find one, thus I have been unable to complete my time machine.  Therefore, I am fairly certain that I have NOT traveled back in time to 12/31/68, brought the Internet with me, signed up for a year long membership, and then traveled back in time to the present day in the hopes of using my membership now.  Although, if I had, it would have been a brilliant idea.  For starters, $45 in 2014 money would have only been $6.55 in 1968 money, which means that my membership would have been a steal!  Also, I would found Steve Jobs, who was probably in middle school, attached myself to him and then I would have stolen all of his ideas and I would own Apple, except it wouldn’t be Apple, I would call it Banana because I love them so much, but I can’t eat them because I’m allergic.
Huh, I feel like I got off point somewhere.  The point is, my membership is showing as expired when it should be showing as current.  Can you please fix this?  Thank you!
Erin (Potential Owner of Banana)


A situation that I could have let anger me, inspired me instead. And, even if they don’t find it funny, I’m still amused which means that I did make one person smile today, even if it was only me!


Until tomorrow…..

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