Lent 2014 – 11: But I Don’t Feel Like Writin’

“….No Sir, no [writin’] today.
Don’t feel like [writin’], [writin’]
Even if I had nothing better to do.”
Seriously though, I really don’t feel like writing tonight. I’m tired and I am ready to climb into bed and fall immediately to sleep. But…. It’s Lent, and I said I would and if I can’t keep my word to God, well, I should probably start interviewing other religions.
One of my other goals for Lent was to keep a daily gratitude journal, I will write more about that another night. Since I am staying away from home tonight, I mid as well make this my journal entry. I would love to do it while typing on an IBM 5150 with the Doogie Howser theme song playing in the background, but I guess I will settle for the sound of my fan and my trusty old HP. I am deeply thankful for family and for the ever changing family dynamic that we are fortunate enough to see as we age. I grew up with some seriously amazing aunts and uncles and, in many ways, I feel as if they are more a part of my nuclear family than they are my extended family. Today, along with my sister Lala, my brother-in-law Coco, and their son Baby Mav, we went to visit our Aung A and Uncle G.
We shared a meal together (my Aunt A is Italian, so she always cooks plenty of food and insists that we eat it all) and then caught up on our daily lives, all while cooing and smiling at the handsome Baby Mav. My uncle and I spoke of shipping costs, just in time inventory, disease in the meat industry, and driving sales. I smiled to myself as I honored our relationship and the dynamic that we share as two grown adults. He will always be my superior, he will always be the patriarch of our family, but I cherish the moments when we get to share “adult” conversations.
We retired to the family room after dinner and I watched as my aunt and uncle took turns snuggling and entertaining Baby Mav. I know how much love they gave me when I was growing up, and it is moving to watch them as they share that same love and affection with the next generation of our family. I have to say, my siblings and I are able to pass on to our children what our aunts and uncles gave to us, this world will be in pretty good shape.
So…. While I don’t feel like writin’ I still am thankful.
Until tomorrow….

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