Lent 2014 – 15: No White Noise, Just Pretty Noise

I know that yesterday I said that I had nothing to say, and then I went on and on and on.  Well today, it’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s simply that I am really enjoying a night filled with silence and music intermittently.  After doing some yoga and winding down for the night, I found myself watching YouTube after YouTube video of one of my all time favorite singers, JJ Heller.  She has the most honest voice of any singer I have every heard, well it might be a tie between JJ Heller and Tracy Chapman.  They both can sing with effortless ease as they weave you in and out of the lines of their songs.  I tried to find a song to post but then I realized that I can never get a video to embed, it is impossible to pick just one song, and YouTube seems to have shut down for the night.  So, tonight, do yourself a favor and look JJ Heller up and listen to at least three of her songs. No matter where you are in your life right now, I promise that one of her songs will reach you.  She is amazing!

Until tomorrow…

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