Lent 2014 – 30: So Sue Me

So I’ve missed a few days of writing.  I promise that I have a good excuse.  I was busy…. well, living.  I know, it sounds lame, but it is actually true.  Yes, writing is a discipline and I should do it every day, but I’m not going to forego nurturing my relationships for the sake of writing.  So what have I been doing?  Well, as you know, I went to the ballet on Friday.  On Saturday I celebrated my friend’s birthday.  I behaved myself, but I was the DD for someone else.  Isn’t it amazing how drunk people have endless amounts of energy and they just want to stay up all night?  Like allllllllllll night!  I think it was 4 a.m. when I finally got home and crawled into bed.  That should explain what I did on Sunday; I slept!  Last night I went out with some friends  because it was necessary.  The shame is that I have an essay in me tonight, but I just don’t have the energy to write it.  I am exhausted and I am only awake because I am forcing myself to stay awake long enough until it is late enough that I will sleep through the night.  I hate this game.  I’m thinking that 9:30 p.m. should be a safe time.  I should probably watch some Breaking Bad to help lull me to sleep.  

Check back tomorrow for a real essay.

Until tomorrow… 

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