Books, Books, Books: I Am a Hoarder of Books

My name is Erin Elise and I am a hoarder of books. I’ve always known this on one level or another, but I haven’t always been willing to admit it. I’m finally ready to admit it to the world!

The weather in Cleveland, much like everywhere else in the U.S., has been frigid at best and downright murderous at worst. I had to stand outside for a full minute the other day and I was ready to just give up on any hope of feeling warmth ever again and let go of my grasp on this world. It was tragic and it broke my spirit just a little bit. I have a feeling that that is not what Elsa meant when she said, “Let it go.”

While I know there are snow bunnies in this country who feel delight in this weather, I have become less like a bunny and more like a bear, a grouchy bear that is huddling deep in my cave and is angry that I am not sleeping until the world thaws. Seriously though, how long until the world thaws? Today I decided to stop being such a Grumpy Gus and make use of all of the time I am spending indoors. I started the cleaning projects that I have been putting off for too long, like cleaning my craft room, organizing my junk drawer, and finally washing those Tupperware containers in my fridge that have long forgotten what it is that they hold.

During my deep cleaning process I kept finding books all over the place, like in every single room of my house. The thing about these books though is that these are the books that I have been collecting to read “someday”. These books are from bookstores, Amazon, library book sales, and most recently, a Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale. I went to a book sale knowing that I already had plenty of books at home still to read. I can’t help it though. When I see a book sale I start to feel a panicking deep inside. I start to feel like there might be a book there that I HAVE to read, like there might be a book there that could change my life. I will think about it until I drive myself crazy and eventually just go to the damn sale. I know it’s not entirely normal. I know I have a problem.

So today I gathered all of these “someday” books and brought them into one room. I organized them into their own categories and came up with the following inventory:

Fiction – 36
Biographies, Memoirs, Personal Essays – 20
Self-Help / Personal Improvement – 19
Business, Management, Leadership – 12
Random Non-Fiction – 5
Religious – 2

That is a whopping total of 94 books!!! Ninety-four books! I know some people who don’t even have 94 books in their home, let alone 94 in their home on their “someday” shelf. To read all of those books this year I would need to read roughly eight a month, or two a week. Yikes! To make matters worse, most of the biographies are 700-1000 pages long, so that’s not getting done in a week. But, I will give it my best shot.

I, Erin Elise, endeavor to read 94 books by the end of this year. Furthermore, as I need to stop hoarding books, once I am done with them, I will pass them along to their next home. I will make an effort to review each book. This review might be a paragraph, a sentence, or perhaps even just a word. So if you see a book on my page that interests you (if I really enjoyed the book I don’t intend to give it away), let me know and I will send if your way. Be forewarned though that I highlight most of my books.

So, enough writing, I’ve got some serious reading to do!

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