Book 3 of 94: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

I purchased this book at a Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale back in November and I just got around to reading it.  I was halfway through when I thought, “I have to be missing something.”  As it turns out, this book is the second book in a three part young adult series.  Of course it is.

Summary: Part love story, part werewolf mystery this is the tantalizing tale of one person struggling to not be who they are, and another struggling to be who they are meant to become.  Of course there is the constant undercurrent of teenage angst that accompanies a book of this genre, but honestly it wasn’t distracting from the story at all.

My Three Main Takeaways From Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Number 1:

When a werewolf transforms back into a human they are always naked, thus I will never be a werewolf.  Seriously, who wants to keep waking up in the nude in public places?  That would be awful.  I am good at using humor to diffuse an awkward situation, but I’m sure I would run out of material after the tenth or eleventh time of appearing naked in front of my friends.

Number 2:

I am not unique in my struggle.  I have always felt like there was something bigger, better and more powerful deep within me struggling to surface.  Like there is a life that I am supposed to be living that is just outside my reach.  Like there is a person inside me that I am meant to become, but I fight that person because I’m too afraid to leave who I am right now behind so that I may become this better version of myself.  I wonder if I will have the strength to meet my inner wolf one day.

Number 3:

I will always love a love story.

Who should read this book?

  • Young adults whose parents “just don’t understand”.
  • Anyone who thinks they might have been bit by a werewolf and are curious about the symptoms.

Who should not read this book?

  • Vampires; they would probably be annoyed by the sappy werewolf story line.
  • Hypochondriacs as they will likely be convinced that their next fever is actually a sign that they are turning into a werewolf.

Three books down, 91 to go!

Stiefvater, M. (2011). Linger. Scholastic, Inc.

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