Update: 50 Adventures and Things to Do

I figured that it was time for an update, as I am halfway through my vacation.

Incomplete Tasks

  1. Pay Bills (I’ve thought about doing this, but I haven’t quite done it, yet.  Still looking for a sponsor for this one.)
  2. Do Laundry (I’ve done some, but there is still plenty more to do.)
  3. Read an entire book just for pleasure. (Not yet.  I’m running out of time to read an entire book.)
  4. Finish D’s mermaid blanket. (I bought the fabric for the tail, but I have not done anything else.)
  5. Visit the Christmas Story House.  (I have plans to complete this on Friday morning.  I’ve had two tickets for four years, today I realized that I have lost one of them.)
  6. Edit half of B’s book. (I started this, but I only got through two chapters.  This is a MUCH longer process than I thought. It’s strange to read each word individually to check for errors, as opposed to reading a whole sentence at a time.)
  7. Oktoberfest with my bros. (SOOOOOOOOOOON!)
  8. Ride the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad.  (This was supposed to happen this morning, but I had to call a rain delay.)
  9. Make dandelion wine. (I haven’t given up on this yet, partly because it just seems so ridiculous.)
  10. Write out goal cards for work.  (Ew, work!)
  11. Bake bread.  (Haven’t given up on this, but I’m also not holding my breath.)
  12. Look up the symphony schedule.  (I know that this should be a really easy task to complete. But I actually need to know when a specific person is performing.)
  13. Write a letter to my old best friend. (I don’t know if I can do this.  I honestly don’t know why our friendship ended so I don’t even know where I would begin.)
  14. Work on vision board. (This is kind of in progress.)
  15. Clean out car. (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.)
  16. Finance task.  (This is right up there with “pay bills”.  I could, I just don’t wanna.)
  17. Set up spending card. (Nope.)
  18. Make road trip goodie bags.  (This will probably get done on Friday, or not at all.)
  19. Lunch with S.  (Tomorrow!!!!)
  20. Plan a party.  (Perhaps.)
  21. Halloween plans. (Sort of, but most of my friends don’t plan as far in advance as I do.)
  22. Make a debt tracker goal chart. (Ugh, I don’t want to ruin a good time.)
  23. Prime Ikea drawers.  (Meh.)
  24. Bake chocolate chip cookies. (Maybe tomorrow.)
  25. Per D’s suggestion, make some fancy kitty cat collars. (Lol.  I think my cats have been spared this fate… for now.)
  26. House task. (If I don’t finish this, there will always be other days.)
  27. Clean out work binder. (More work!)
  28. Work two shifts with the Red Cross.  (One down, one to go.)
  29. Personal task.  (I honestly can’t remember what this was, so we’ll see if I manage to complete it.)

Completed Tasks and Adventures

  1.  Update my blog.  (Once this is posted, I will have updated it twice.)
  2.  Make a plan.  (Oh boy did I ever make a plan!  I’m excited for some changes and newness.)
  3. Go to a cosmetology school for a haircut. (This was a fairly delightful experience.  I received a good haircut and I only paid $15 for it.  I asked the girl is she actually gets the money and she said that they are not allowed to received compensation in any way since they are in school.  I realized that SHE is paying to go to that school.  Which actually means that SHE paid to cut MY hair.  How weird, but fantastic.) 
  4. Make a trip to Costco. (I managed to leave there without the two things I went there to buy.)
  5. Doctor’s Appointment. (I was all pleased with myself for getting there five minutes early. I am NEVER early.  When I went to check in, it turns out that I was 25 minutes late.  Dang nabit!)
  6. Write work schedules for the rest of the year.  (Holy shit!  I legit wrote all of my schedules until New Year’s Day!  That means that I will only have to do some updates. Here’s to super productivity!)
  7. Talk with T. (Done and done.)
  8. Mow the lawn, finally. (So… my lawn is cut, but it was not done by me. I don’t know if the execution matters more or the completion of the task.  One of my friendly neighbors came over and did it for me, for a nominal fee.)
  9. Call J. (We were finally able to connect today and actually had a 40 minute conversation.  Our lives tend to be very hectic so we mostly update each other once a month or so via voicemail.  It was such a delight to get to talk voice to voice.)
  10. Dinner with L. (I was able to do this tonight, and I even had my first sponsor.  Thanks for dinner!)
  11. Spend time at the park. (I am really glad I fulfilled this adventure. It was so nice to just sit by the lake for a few hours and watch nature go by.  I even saw a cat out for a stroll with his owner.  Whenever I’m down by the lake, I always wonder why I don’t spend more time down there.)
  12. House task. (Like a boss!)
  13. House task. (I got sooooo much done in my house today. Very proud of myself.)
  14. House task. (I got so much done in my house, that I switched this to dinner with P. We had a delightful night and it was much needed.)


Postponed Tasks and Adventures

  1.  Get my conceal carry permit. (Finances are forcing me to put this off.  I may, however, contact the NRA to see if they would sponsor this endeavor.)
  2.  Go geocaching. (I feel like this is kind of the the old school Pokemon Go.)
  3. Experience a sensory deprivation pod.  (So, I looked into this more and I discovered that it is $80/hour. So…. much like my CCP, this is going on the back burner.)
  4. Go to the art museum. (I’ve been before, so I’m okay with not going this week.)
  5. Get a pedicure. (Let’s be honest, my feet go in my shoes.  I think I can save myself some money and paint my tootsies myself.)
  6. Go kayaking on the river. (There’s just not enough time.)

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